Your Weekly Horoscope for June 2-8: Remembering Your Power

Your Weekly Horoscope for June 2-8: Remembering Your Power

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As we continue the realm known as Gemini season, a number of planets are already exploring the curious air sign. It’s a week that asks you to consider that the world which exists in your mind cannot be separated from the world you are experiencing outside your mind.

That focus continues as Jupiter in Gemini trines Pluto, Mercury enters Gemini and conjuncts Jupiter, Venus cazimi occurs in the sign of Gemini, and the new Moon in Gemini influences each of us and our weekly horoscope.

Weekly Astrology for June 2-8

June 3: Jupiter trine Pluto; Mercury enters Gemini; Moon enters Taurus
June 4: Jupiter conjunct Gemini; Venus cazimi
June 5: Moon enters Gemini
June 6: New Moon in Gemini
June 7: Moon enters Cancer

Jupiter Trine Pluto

The partnership of Jupiter and Pluto in our skies on June 3, 2024, brings an energy that is active throughout the week and beyond.  In astrology, Jupiter is our planet of growth, optimism, and opportunity. Pluto is our underworld, death and rebirth, and an immense force of power.

A trine is a harmonious angle of 120 degrees. Planets in this type of relationship bring out the best in each other. They are partnering in harmony. As Jupiter in Gemini comes into that specific angle to Pluto in Aquarius, it delivers expansion and opportunity, depth and insight.

Beginning on this day and throughout much of June is a force of transformation, as if there is something inside of us that is simply ready. Ready to open. Ready for the change that has been calling our names. Ready to remember our power.

Mercury Enters Gemini

Mercury is the messenger of the planets. It rules the mind, communication, mental processes, and learning. It supports us in building the perceptual lens through which we experience reality. Mercury determines the world that lives within our mind.

In astrology, each zodiac has a planetary ruler, and for Gemini, that ruler is Mercury. They are on the same wavelength, aligned with their intentions, similar in their energy.

Mercury’s transit through Gemini beginning June 3, 2024, is a time for curiosity. At a time when the Sun also sits in Gemini, it is an opportunity for heightened self-awareness and insight into what it means to live within the realm of our minds. What narratives are running, what beliefs are playing out, what is shaping our perception and experience of our lives.

It’s a time to become aware of these narratives so that we may choose whether they are what we desire to see the world through. We can continue running them or curiously choose a new way.

Jupiter Conjunct Gemini

The slower-moving planet of Jupiter is currently at the very cusp of Gemini. As faster-paced Mercury enters Gemini, it encounters Jupiter along the way on June 4, 2024. The planets come together for a moment, collaborating and creating wonder together.

If Jupiter is growth and expansion and Mercury is the mind, we have on this day a beautiful opening of the mind. An opening to future potentials and ideas, an opening to higher visions and wisdom, an opportunity to peering beyond the constructs of the mind, observing the worlds, possibilities and potentials that exist outside of what we have allowed ourselves to see.

Jupiter is a planet of hope and opportunity. It reminds us that yes, it is possible—whatever “it” might be for us. If we allow our minds to glimpse this possibility, we can then begin to rearrange the beliefs within our minds. We can begin to believe in ourselves. We can begin to let these dreams in.

Venus Cazimi

As our minds expand and open, another partnership happens in our skies on June 4, 2024, that of the Sun and Venus.

The term cazimi comes from Arabic, translating to “in the heart of the Sun”. It represents new beginnings, new insights, and an influx of new energy. As Venus comes into the heart of the Sun this week, we can consider it an opportunity to seed new possibilities of love, beauty, harmony, pleasure, and creativity. What do you want for yourself in these areas of life?

It’s a day to feel your self-worth and solidify your value in both the knowing of your body and the narratives of your mind. And it’s a day of insight and self-awareness as Venus shares her vast wisdom with the Sun, which is our conscious awareness and identity.

Gemini New Moon

Adding to the Gemini magic of the week and month is the new Moon in Gemini meeting us on June 6, 2024.

Much like a cazimi, a new Moon meets us as the Sun and Moon come together in the cosmos. And like a cazimi, it represents a new beginning. Happening in the curious and open air sign of Gemini, the new Moon invites us to breathe new life into the canvas of our thoughts. To clear space, map the narratives that are running, observe the stories present, and choose something new.

Gemini reminds us that perception is alchemy. Words are creation. And as we see through new eyes, what we see shifts. t’s a lunation that shares the wisdom with us that the templates we are running can be changed. As you open your mind, life opens to you.

And it’s a new Moon that reminds you of the power in your voice. Inviting you to move and shift energy through words. As you speak, worlds are created and reality is shifted. As you speak, emotion moves, stagnancy shifts, awareness sparks, ideas stream through, new doors are opened, and old ones are closed. As you speak, everything is rearranged.

Weekly Horoscopes for June 2-8

As the planets shift in our cosmos, they simultaneously shift through our astrological charts, highlighting different areas of our human experience. Look to the weekly horoscope for your rising sign so you can begin to discern related shifts and invitations.

Aries Rising

Share your words. Feel the pulse of creation in your voice. Rewrite your life through your thoughts and words, for there is an immense amount of energy moving through your mind and voice this week, Aries rising.

Taurus Rising

It’s a week of new beginnings in terms of your sense of self-worth, Taurus rising. It’s an invitation to honor your innate value and allow your mind to rearrange its beliefs in alignment with this awareness. Here’s to reclaiming your sense of belonging to yourself.

Gemini Rising

To dance with life. That is your invitation, Gemini rising. To let the movement and breath of life move through your mind and shift you in the process. To be so open to life that it cannot help but move you with it, change you, create space and freedom and play within you.

Cancer Rising

It’s a week of clearing and cleansing, Cancer rising. Of letting go and creating space. And of welcoming in fresh energy, hope, and safety to begin opening to life once again. This week, intuition is heightened and reflection and stillness are where your gifts will be found.

Leo Rising

Tune into ideas, Leo rising. Open your mind as if it were an antenna. Look through your eyes as if they hold a crystal ball. This is a visionary kind of week where you peer into your potential, lean into hope, play with ambition, and speak your wishes aloud and into existence.

Virgo Rising

There are new doors awaiting in your career, Virgo rising. There is new energy moving through this space of your life. What is opening for you? What is calling your name? Considering that Gemini is adaptability, where are you being invited to switch things up and try a new way when it comes to your long-term goals and career ambitions?

Libra Rising

It’s a week to play with meaning making around your understanding of the world, Libra rising. It’s a week to open to the vast wisdom of this Universe that you mysteriously find yourself within and let it shape your truth, your sense of purpose, and your feeling of unity with and belonging to this world.

Scorpio Rising

It’s a reclamation of yourself this week, Scorpio rising. The moon and stars are inviting you to swim within the narratives, memories, and energies that live within your conscious and unconscious mind and begin reshaping them as your truth.  You’ll reclaim your power in the process.

Sagittarius Rising

Gemini reminds you of the magic in communication and the interchange of energy and connection as you communicate with others. As you allow their perspectives to shift you. As you share yours and watch it open others. This week invites you to communicate, listen, and share with your favorite people, feeling the energy spark alive as you do.

Capricorn Rising

Breathe new life into your days, Capricorn rising, and observe how it shifts your mood, well-being, inspiration, and energy. There are new beginnings being birthed and this week invites you to tend to yourself and the foundations of your life in a way that allows you to be receptive to those new beginnings.

Aquarius Rising

What could be more important in life than pleasure, play, love, and self-expression? This week reminds you of the necessity of these parts of life. Joy heals. Play brings us home. Love is everything. And expression is why you are here.

Pisces Rising

It’s a week to come home to yourself, Pisces rising. To play in the world that is yours and no one else’s. To create a dialogue with yourself. Who lives within you? What do they have to share? What do they desire? As the new Moon comes, bring this newfound understanding of yourself and your hopes and plant them into the ethers.

Your Invitation

If you change something inside, how does that change what is outside? Gemini invites you to play with this truth.

It’s a week for visioning, dreaming, and intention setting. It’s a week of rearranging the stories held within. Consider where they come from and whether they are true? As Pluto comes into contact with Jupiter, this is your opportunity to take your power back from those narratives and perspectives that only seem to restrict you and keep you away from your life.

And as Jupiter and Gemini come together, it’s your opportunity to soar far above your mind, freely moving and exploring, observing how far you can see, observing how limited it is and all the ways you are ready for a rebuild. As Venus and the Sun birth new worlds together in Gemini, allow your heart and mind to come into partnership for a moment.

This week’s cazimi is a beautiful time for connection—to ourselves, to life, and to one another. As the Moon begins again, speak as if every word you utter is a spell, for Gemini invites you to believe that, perhaps, they are.

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