What the New Moon in Taurus Means for You

What the New Moon in Taurus Means for You

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The new Moon in Taurus invites us to pause and connect with ourselves. This day can help us open ourselves to new beginnings, but first, it brings us the opportunity to ground ourselves and find the present moment.

When is the New Moon in Taurus?

The new Moon in Taurus takes place Tuesday, March 7, 2024.

What Does the New Moon in Taurus Mean for You?

Taurus is the calm after the storm, the quiet after the chaos, and the space of healing. Ruled by the Earth element and the planet Venus, Taurus provides us with the energy needed to ground ourselves and integrate our experiences. It is a time to recenter our vision of what is most important and remind ourselves that we can always rely on our inner compass no matter what life hands us.

Taurus is associated with many things, including feeling and physical touch as well as finances, possessions, and resources. This sign helps us understand our physical resources like air, gold, oil, and water, along with our energetic resources like self-worth, inner resilience, and creativity. Taurus is also associated with abundance. It teaches us that abundance comes from self-worth, and when we trust our inner strength, we can create abundance in all forms.

Taurus is simple in its energy. It encourages us to slow down, experience the whole moment, and not overthink our next moves. There is a stillness in the air when the Sun lands in this sign, and we have time to process past events.

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The Moon is exalted in Taurus, meaning she amplified in this position. This pleasantness fills our spaces and reminds us to stop and pay attention. As the new Moon brings about many energies and emotions within you, first align with the energy of Taurus to connect with your body and all of your senses. Dive into the present moment and let it center you and stabilize your inner world.

Once you can connect with stillness and presence, life becomes simpler. The answers appear in front of you and become almost obvious. Taurus encourages us to uncomplicate our lives. The new Moon in Taurus encourages us to find and honor this stillness. This stillness allows us to feel our strength, resilience, and center.

Life is always handing us wisdom. Each day, we are brought new information that guides and evolves us. Some of this wisdom, though, is acquired through a painful process. As we look back, we can see how growth is sometimes uncomfortable. Our evolution is full of events that opened our eyes but also caused heartbreak, uncertainty, and insecurity. Taurus season is the time to connect with nature and feel held, understood, and safe.

Taurus also teaches that when you quiet your mind, you feel your strength. You feel your ability to rely upon yourself no matter what curveball finds you. You are your own rock. You can always create inner peace within yourself, and knowing this allows you to take risks and leaps of faith. It’s much easier to leave your comfort zone when you trust that you can always lean on yourself for support.

As we find stillness and inner reliance, we also find creativity and abundance. Taurus teaches us that when we feel secure in our energy, our creative expression rises from within. Not only do we feel more creative, but we also feel confident in sharing our creativity with the world. We are willing to feel vulnerable because we can rely on ourselves if others do not validate our offerings.

Continue your journey with the new Moon by focusing on your self-worth. What often holds us back from our dreams are belief structures and shadows that cause us to feel unworthy or not good enough. These energies come from our childhoods and even our adulthoods. They often are buried in the subconscious and sabotage all of our efforts to create the life we want.

Over the new Moon, ask yourself if you feel truly worthy of the intentions that you write. Notice if there are any parts of you that doubt your ability to create them. Where do these voices come from? What parts of you do not believe you are worthy?

Insecurity comes from a lack of confidence in ourselves. When we have true inner reliance, we feel more secure and confident in our choices. Insecurity fades away once we believe we can always depend on ourselves to make the best of any situation and navigate the world’s challenges with ease. Feel your strength and learn to rely on your wisdom, as it will allow you to take the leaps of faith needed to evolve.

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Taurus reminds us that abundance comes from within and begins with appreciating what we already have in our lives. It continues when we realize we are worthy of everything we desire and that everything we wish to have is already ours. Feel your gratitude this day and feel your abundance, knowing that when you take the precious moments to be grateful for what you already have, it creates more of what you want in your life. It also makes what you have enough.

As you sit with the energy of the new Moon, decide what in your life needs to shift for you always to carry the vibration of gratitude and abundance. What allows you to connect to the beauty around you and appreciate each moment for its unique gifts? What will enable you to see your inherent beauty and know that you are part of this vast Universe?

From this deep connection with the Earth and cosmos, you find your infinite potential. Identify what thoughts, subconscious patterns, and outdated thinking prevent you from feeling connected with the Universe. What self-doubts limit your ability to create abundance, and what barriers have you put in place that limit your potential?

As you work with the energies of the new Moon in Taurus, first find stillness and peace. Allow yourself to integrate the many lessons life has handed you since the last Taurus season a year ago. Once you feel centered, feel your inner reliance. Feel how you are your greatest resource. You are the answer you’ve been looking for.

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Your Invitation

On the day of the new Moon in Taurus, honor the energy by first creating peace within yourself.  Practice complete presence in each moment and follow the path of least resistance. Notice when your thoughts or emotions take over by adding complexity where there doesn’t need to be any. If you feel your mind racing, connect with your body and the Earth to recenter yourself. Find stillness, then find clarity and simplicity.

Experiment with what calms your mind and nervous system. What makes you feel connected to your body, present in the moment, and clear in your thoughts? Try different breath work techniques, yoga, meditation, movement to your favorite music, walking barefoot on the Earth, or anything else that allows you to find the center of your being as everything else swirls around you.

Create a foundation within yourself so that you can explore the energies available while feeling capable and ready to receive them all. Let the energy of the new Moon in Taurus open your heart and help you appreciate everything in your world. Notice each breath in your body and be grateful for it while paying attention to all of the abundance within and around you.

Allow this security to open the door to your creativity and express it with ease. Resist the urge to overthink things and follow your gut instinct, using your senses to navigate the world. Remain present and connect with nature all around you as you bring forth your potential. And remember, you can always create abundance by understanding you are worthy of it.

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