What Pisces Season Means for You, According to Your Sign

What Pisces Season Means for You, According to Your Sign

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Welcome to imagination. Welcome to creativity, heightened intuition, surrender, ease, and the tides of connection and compassion. Welcome to the boundless space where self and everything else seems to mix and meld and remind us that we are all one. Welcome to Pisces season.

When Does Pisces Season Start?

Pisces season begins February 18 or 19, 2024, depending on your time zone. It continues until March 19, 2024.

As the Sun travels through the waters of Pisces, it’s less like swimming in the ocean and more like being held by its currents and becoming one with them. Pisces season brings a sense of trust that we are somehow carried exactly where we need to go, even if we don’t yet know where that is.

Ruled by the planet Neptune, Pisces connects us to the the oneness within separation. It is water, where each drop merges into others to form a singular beautiful moving body with no beginning or end. And like water, Pisces is where the separation between self and others begins to soften. Similarly, the separation between us and music or art or beauty or nature or anything in life becomes less clear.

Pisces softens identities. It blurs boundaries. It is where unknown worlds beyond our discovery and understanding exist. It is where we look upon the vastness of it all, unable to see where one part ends and another begins. It is timelessness within time, energy within form, spiritual within physical. Pisces invites us to remember our existence in the intangible, the unseen, the spiritual, the oneness of it all. And it asks us to imbue meaning, love, connection, inspiration, and creativity into the tangible, the physical, the daily, and the individual.

What Can Pisces Season Show You?

The last sign of the zodiac, Pisces season marks the end of the astrological year before we begin again with Aries season. It brings an element of surrender, inward contemplation, and meditation. It acts as a liminal space in time, bridging the past and the future into one. It holds a nurturing, a reconnecting with the boundless self as a space of release, healing, and letting go before we begin again.

Pisces season is a slow breath out. It is where we can sink into the unknown. It is where we are unable to ignore the essence of something transcendent imbuing each moment and each space in life. It is where we lean into trust and surrender to the vastness of existence, of the universe, of something beyond.

What Pisces Season Means for You

As the Sun dances through Pisces in our cosmos, it simultaneously moves through Pisces in our astrological chart. As it does, it highlights the areas in life that are influenced by the water sign.

We each have our own expression of Pisces, whether vast and expansive or subtle and quiet. By looking at our rising sign, we are shown the astrological house that Pisces resides within, and therefore the area of life the Sun is activating and bringing to our awareness through these next several weeks.

An illustration of the fire sign of Aries, depicted by its symbol or glyph and the characteristic ram.
The first sign of the zodiac, Aries tends to be focused inward. Pisces season asks you connect to what lies beyond your everyday self. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Aries Rising

Pisces season is a space between time. It is a reconnection to whatever exists beyond all of us, whatever that means for you. It is a shedding of layers and a releasing of the last twelve months. As Aries season, the beginning of the astrological year, takes place next month, Pisces season is your preparation for the rebirth and new beginning of who you are that is yet to come. It is surrender, release, and letting go.

Allow this time to be a sacred retreat, Aries rising, where you can let yourself be filled with spaciousness and inner connection. Find space for your expression of insight, introspection, and spirituality. Allow yourself to take a deep breath out followed by another after deep breath out. It’s a season to unclench your hands, let go, and make more space.

Illustration of the astrological sign of Taurus, represented by a bull
An Earth sign, Taurus tends to find grounding in the comfortable and the familiar. Pisces season asks you to find that comfort in your connection to others. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Taurus Rising

Pisces season reminds us of the thread that connects us all. Our humanness, our divinity, our hurts, our happinesses. These are what bring us together. We are all swimming within the same currents, experiencing the same emotions, and experiencing the same dance. Pisces season brings empathy and compassion. And for you, Taurus rising, it highlights the beauty of community, of the collective, and of your deep belonging to it.

Your intuition to the emotions and energies of the collective can become heightened during this time, as can your desire to pour love into those around you or be of service in some way to this human family we each belong. To do that in a way that matters to you is your invitation during Pisces season.

An illustration of the zodiac sign Gemini, with its twin energy.
Gemini tends to be predominantly concerned with the intellect. Pisces asks you to let your mind quiet and your intuition speak. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)(Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Gemini Rising

Pisces season bridges the world of healing and service with that of career and profession and reminds you, that you are that very bridge, too, Gemini rising. Allow Pisces season to bring you into the imagination, the dreaming, the visioning, and the intuitive guidance of what it is you would like to experience in your career and what you want your profession to mean to you and the lives it touches. It’s a season of career and creativity, compassion and profession.

Allow yourself to first move beyond the narratives, expectations, and practicalities of what your career “should” like to look like so that you may touch the real meaning and inspiration that awaits. It is a season of surrender and allowing, letting the vision find you, and trusting that the practical details will follow.

Emotions flood Cancers just like the tides ebb and flow. Pisces season asks you to see the thread of wisdom throughout these feelings rather than succumb to them. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)(Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Cancer Rising

A water sign in a water season, you are invited to bring that beautiful ability to flow into your mind so it can soften the edges of your narratives and beliefs, Cancer rising. It’s a highly intuitive season for you. One that reveals meaning and understanding of this vast existence through introspection and reflection on the messages and wisdoms learned from each of your own seasons. Pisces season reveals the continued messages and wisdom held within them all, as if you were looking back through photos of every chapter of your life.

The weeks to come are simultaneously an updating and releasing of the perspectives through which you have lived. Allow your perspective to widen and new truths to find you.

Leo is drawn to itself and its expression. Pisces season asks you to lower your walls and create space for greater intimacy with yourself and others. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Leo Rising

An internal season, as the Sun moves through Pisces it invites you into the depth of who you are, Leo rising. To surrender into yourself and let the transformation of each cell, each narrative, each fear, hope, story, pattern, relationship, and more, take place through that very surrender.

Pisces season is where soft movement and safe spaces call your name. Where the expression of emotion, the unravelling of old stories, and the dropping of external walls can take place. Where you can create space for greater intimacy with yourself, with your loved ones, and with every different expression of what it means to be you in the world.

The earth sign of Virgo prefers to experience life through structure and routine. Pisces season invites you to surrender a little of that control and allow yourself to ease into the larger picture. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Virgo Rising

Welcome to the season of your opposite zodiac sign, Virgo rising. You are invited to step back, create some space, and see through an entirely new lens. While Virgo and Pisces are opposites in the zodiac, they are also partners, each exploring the same coin from a different side. Whereas Pisces is the boundless nature of all that is, you discern each detail comprising the whole.

This season invites you to flip the coin. To become Pisces for a moment. To let go of control, to see the bigger picture, to surrender the details and practicalities for just a moment. To embrace the truth that there is much living beyond the mind, beyond control, unknown, and out of reach. What if you didn’t need to do it all yourself? What if you were supported by others, friends, partners, and life itself?

Illustration of the astrological zodiac sign Libra, depicted by scales hanging in the balance
Libra, often depicted as scales hanging in the balance, tends to be concerned for equality at every turn. Pisces asks you to not lose sight of the beauty in each moment and to find meaning there as well. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Libra Rising

Pisces is an invitation to see the divine in the most mundane of it all, Libra rising. To feel the sacred as you brush your teeth and make your food. To see the magic in the flowers and in your body. To recall that each day is a portal through which life, love, and soulfulness takes place. Pisces season reminds you that each day is your life. The small steps that make up the whole, the days when strung together, is life. How can you bring love into these days and honor what is meaningful to you? How can you paint these days with color and creativity? How can you let the mundane be your direct doorway into meaning and divinity?

An illustration of the sign Scorpio
The water sign of Scorpio can become preoccupied with the unseen and the lessons of our shadows. Pisces season reminds you that there is also beauty and pleasure to be explored. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Scorpio Rising

It’s all about happiness this season, Scorpio rising. It’s about falling into the sea of oneness and channelling it into something beautiful. Whether a painting, a conversation, poetry, speaking, sculpting, one of the vast modes of expression, creativity, and art that call your name. It’s also creation and expression with the simple yet profound act of allowing the beauty and love of this dreamy Piscean space to become you, and you it. So much so that you emanate it from your being as you move through the world. The season invites you to feel lighter and to feel pleasure, creativity, self-expression, and play.

An illustration of the astrological sign for Sagittarius.
Sagittarius is often considered the explorer and always in search of the new. Pisces season asks you to look for spaces where you might find the same exhilaration in things found closer to home. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Sagittarius Rising

It’s a season of nourishment, Sagittarius rising. Of coming home to yourself, your body, your preferred people, your preferred memories, and your relationship with existence. It’s also a season of comforting and soothing yourself with gentle love and restorative moments. Of allowing home to feel even more like home and your roots to extend further beneath your feet.

You can feel the warmth, connection, happiness, and love of your chosen people. Allow yourself to tend to the foundations of who you are and the structures, spaces, people, and beliefs that remind you of your belonging in this life.

The earth sign of Capricorn tends toward having things together in their life. Pisces season asks you to explore spaces in life that allow for curiosity and feeling rather than textbook knowing. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Capricorn Rising

How do you reach for the sacred, Capricorn rising? As the Sun shifts through Pisces, it travels through your third house of the mind that relates to learning, communication, and teaching. Pisces asks you to find the sacred within these spaces—or perhaps intentionally imbue these spaces with the sacred.

There is a beautiful space just beyond the rational mind where you are invited to surrender to the unknown. The unknown that you can touch through music, poetry, sacred teachings, and exploring the body’s wisdom as in yoga and dance. The surrender of the mind where logic seems to soften into something beyond. Illustration of a water vessel to symbolize the astrological or zodiac sign of Aquarius.

The ambitious air sign of Aquarius often incurs great change for the larger benefit of all. Pisces season reminds you that your value rests not in what you do but who you are. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Aquarius Rising

What spaces—emotionally, energetically, experientially—allow you to remember your inherent worthiness, Aquarius rising? What spaces—emotionally, energetically, experientially—remind you of the vastness of your value, Aquarius rising? This season invites you to go there often. To not just remember but know, with all your body and being, the truth of your worthiness and value in this world.

It is a season that reminds you of the inherent safety and belonging of who you are. And it asks you to surrender and release, with compassion and understanding, any narratives that tell yourself otherwise.

Illustration of astrological symbol for Pisces, a water sign of the zodiac according to astrology
A water sign, Pisces possesses an uncanny ability to swim between reality and potential, self and society. Embrace that during your season. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Pisces Rising

Welcome to your season, Pisces rising, where you are invited to renew and enliven your personal sense of self and identity. Also, to remember your oneness with life and all that exists. You are the living embodiment of the marriage between these two worlds, individual yet one.

Pisces season asks you to embrace where and how these two worlds meet within you. It invites both a new beginning and a continuous release of aspects of yourself, your life, narratives, perspectives, and identities that are ready to release. You are like a flower blooming, releasing the outer so that the inner may be revealed.

This season invites self-reflection on who it is you desire to be, your connection with trust and faith in something beyond what can be seen, and the whispers of life that seem to call your name.

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