Weekly Astrology Forecast, January 7-13, 2024

Weekly Astrology Forecast, January 7-13, 2024

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As the roots of 2024 begin to take form, the astrology of the week offers support and energy so that we may also form our own roots. So that we may not only hear the whispers of the year ahead but also begin building them.

New Moon in Capricorn

On January 11, 2024, we are introduced to our first new Moon of 2024. In astrology, the Moon is our feelings. It is the world that lives inside of us. It is our inner compass that guides us, our hearts that whisper to us, our guts that advise us, our intuitive knowing from deep within that leads us. It is our inner dialogue, our emotions, our sensitivities, and the sides of us that are less shown to the world.

Under a new Moon, the Sun and Moon come together in the same zodiac sign. They share the same perspective, desires, and intentions. While the Sun represents our outward expression, our will, and our need to create as individual beings, the Moon is our internal expression, our emotions, how we nourish ourselves, and it is the subconscious knowing of our bodies.

As these two luminaries come together in collaboration, so, too, does our mind and body, our will and intuitive knowing, our internal and external realities. We’re in sync. We’re listening to the movements of our bodies and the knowing of our hearts. And we’re bridging our internal world into our external reality as we create, act, and build.

The influence of Capricorn is one of dancing between the practical and the aspirational. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Rooted in the grounded and earthly sign of Capricorn, the new Moon may live for only a short moment in time, yet its support will continue throughout the year. The evolutionary purpose of Capricorn is to call us into our mastery. It’s the inherent need or pull to realize our own potential, to become who we are destined to be. It’s the conduit bridging the soul, the dream, the vision into its manifest self in the physical.

It is a lunation that offers grounded practicality, structure, patience, consistency, discipline, and self-mastery. It invites the tangible building of our dreams and the tangible building of ourselves. It brings definition, purpose, responsibility, clarity, and  commitment, some of the most supportive tools in the act of creating.

Yet this lunation it isn’t just about the tangible. This new Moon, in direct communication with Uranus and Neptune, is also about the divinity that inspires, imbues, and guides each step taken. It’s about the devotion to something bigger than us, the deep inner connection for the path that calls our name, and the awe and happiness that we are given the opportunity to steward. It’s about change, new frequencies flowing through the ethers and landing in our bodies, and about claiming a new way for ourselves.

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Mercury Reenters Capricorn

In recent weeks, Mercury has been dancing between Sagittarius and Capricorn. It occupied the realm of Sagittarius before traveling into Capricorn only to retrograde back into Sagittarius. Mercury retrograde has passed and the planet is moving forward once again, crossing the threshold from Sagittarius to Capricorn once again on January 13, 2024.

This dance has taken us from dreaming to grounding, from visioning to building, from playing in potentials, ideas, and possibilities. This is in service to us dedicating ourselves to a path, grounding it in our lives, and creating it in the tangible.

In astrology, Mercury represents the world of our minds. The health, intentions, perspectives, and narratives of our mind shape what we perceive and experience in the world around us. A powerful place to be, the mind is an entire reality inside of us—without it, we have no access to the reality outside of us.

As Mercury reenters Capricorn this week, the overall tone of our mind also shifts. Things can feel a little more serious. The spaces before, across, and following the shift into the New Year are different for each of us, but it is when Mercury joins the Sun and Mars in Capricorn that we begin to observe the new year with practicality, choice, and commitment. We begin planning our goals and grounding our desires into our own lives.

During this transit, our will, life force, drive, and mind are all in sync, guiding us toward making our dreams become reality.

Ancient illustration of phases of the Moon relative to position to the Sun and Earth. Includes the full Moon in Pisces.
Vintage French engraving depicting the phases of the Moon. The new Moon (“Nouvelle Lune”) is hidden in shadows due to it being in between the Sun (Soleil) and the Earth (Terre). This offers space for you to explore what is often unseen. (Illustration: duncan1890 | Getty)

Your Invitations

As the new Moon holds you, you are invited to tune into your inner guidance, the voice beyond your voice, the knowing that comes from spaces unknown. You are invited to feel this guidance, this knowing, in your body. To express your desires into the year and into your life.To spend time with it, to begin grounding how it could and would look like, and what you can do to bring it forth.

Just two days after this lunation in Capricorn, Mercury reenter the same sign. Here you can begin planning and strategic thinking. You can look at your world through the lens of your dreams, as if they are telling you what to do and where to go.

As the Sun, Moon, Mars, and Mercury traverse the terrain of Capricorn, we are gifted a  beautifully practical energy. We are invited to explore your relationship with responsibility and accountability. No one else holds your visions, your desires, your experiences, your life. Your legacy is the life you desire to live. It communicates with no one else. It reaches only to you, and it moves through only you. Perhaps responsibility to your visions is where you will find true empowerment.

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