Weekly Astrology Forecast, February 11-17, 2024: Potential

Weekly Astrology Forecast, February 11-17, 2024: Potential

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As Aquarius season continues and we move past the new Moon last week, Mars and Venus join the Sun, Mercury, and Pluto in the very same air sign of Aquarius. These shifts deepen and expand the growth and ideas that Aquarius season brings. Adding to this future-oriented direction is Chiron coming into partnership with the North Node, whispering themes of healing, purpose, destiny, wisdom, and fulfillment.

Chiron Conjunct North Node

Astrological transits are like doorways. Each movement and meeting of planetary bodies in our cosmos represents a different direction, intention, and invitation. Although they may differ in their directions and intentions, these transits ultimately lead us back to ourselves. Back to becoming more of who we are. Back to channeling more presence, love, happiness, and creativity in our lives.

As Chiron and the North Node come together in our skies on February 11, 2024, it is no different. Chiron, in astrology, is a doorway that leads directly to our wounding. It guides us into the hurts and fears that are unique to each of us. It doesn’t simply take us there and leave us to our own devices. It walks us into our wounds and offers us the exact medicine we need by showing, or reminding, us exactly how we heal. It is only through this that we are offered the wisdom to become more of who we already are.

The North Node relates to purpose, soul growth, destiny, and evolution. It is the direction that guides us to move in, both collectively and individually. It represents an opening to where we are going. It delivers the vast fulfillment of moving in a direction that feels aligned with something greater and meaningful and right.

An illustration of the fire sign of Aries, depicted by its symbol or glyph and the characteristic ram.
The fire sign of Aries brings a sense of intensity and optimism to the week. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

As Chiron and the North Node come together in a conjunction in Aries this week, it is one of the most beautiful and anticipated astrological events of the year. It is a wide-open door offering wisdom around our unique paths, our most aligned purpose, and our potential for incredible empowerment. It is a portal that we are so very ready to receive. And it is a time of guidance and clarity around what it is that we desire as well as an influx of life force to begin walking in that direction.

Mars Enters Aquarius

Adding to the momentum of Aquarius season, Mars enters Aquarius on February 13, 2024, and remains there until March 22, 2024. In astrology, Mars is our drive, passion, and motivation. It is our life force. It is our spark, propelling us forward to take the necessary steps to create our desires. And as it enters the realm of Aquarius, it brings that drive to whatever direction the futuristic air sign has been calling us since January 20, 2024.

Aquarius is a sign that takes us beyond the bounds of what currently is. It takes us beyond the status quo and the expected to bring us into the realm of possibility and potential. It is the archetype through which the future can come into the present.

As Mars joins Aquarius, Aquarius aligns our drive with our callings and asks us to focus our energy and take steps toward those desires. What ideas have been springing forth in your mind recently? What desires, possibilities, visions? Last week’s new Moon brought a “future you” who was tapping on your shoulder and calling you in a certain direction. What direction was that?

The astrological glyph, or symbol, for the planet Venus, which resembles a handheld mirror.
The glyph, or symbol, for many of the known planets and heavenly bodies. (Photo: Getty)

Mars Conjunct Pluto in Aquarius

Following its era-defining move into Aquarius on January 20, 2024, Pluto sits at the entry gates of Aquarius. Any other planet that moves into Aquarius also plunges into the depths of Pluto.

Pluto is our our psyche and our unconscious. It is found within our undercurrents, the messages in our dreams, and emotions that arise from deep within. Whenever a planet encounters Pluto, there is an avenue through which the unconscious can become conscious. There is deep insight to be found.

As Mars enters Aquarius on February 13, 2024, it also comes into partnership with Pluto. If Pluto speaks to our unconscious direction of energy, Mars consciously directs our energy. With Mars, that insight is shown to us through our instinctual desires, passions, and drives that are real, empowering, and very much on purpose.

It is through noticing where our impulses are directing us, understanding how and where we desire to move, and knowing what we want to create and experience that we begin to peer beyond the veil of ourselves.

Illustration of a water vessel to symbolize the astrological or zodiac sign of Aquarius.
Often mistaken as a water sign, Aquarius is an air sign dedicated to taking you beyond the status quo. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Venus Enters Aquarius

A few days after Mars, Venus too, enters the realm of Aquarius on 16 February 2024, where it will remain until 11 March 2024. The more planets that are in one sign, the more the energy of that sign is focussed and felt. And the more its invitations and whispers can be heard and felt reverberating through our bodies and minds.

An air sign, Aquarius speaks to the mind. Having both Mars and Venus in the sign supports us in bringing our ideas into the body and the tangible. It helps us integrate the wisdom and consciousness that Aquarius season offers us and begin magnetizing and building the ideas into our lived experience.

Venus, among much more, offers us the gift of magnetism, abundance, beauty, and richness. It invites us to savour the gifts of being alive, turning up the beauty of desire, and reminding us of how bountiful and supportive this life is. As Venus travels through Aquarius over these coming weeks, there is a magnetism emanating from each of us drawing the creation and embodiment of our ideas, direction, and desires towards us. That ‘future’ that Aquarius Season has opened for us.

Venus is also our channel of love – both in receiving and giving. And while in Aquarius, we are invited to celebrate authenticity within ourselves, and others. To accept the parts of us and the people we love that are entirely unique, special, and different.

Venus Conjunct Pluto in Aquarius

When Venus enters Aquarius on February 16, 2024, it comes into a beautiful partnership with Pluto, taking us once again into the depths of who we are.

Each time Venus travels through the underground of Pluto, it asks us to travel through our personal underground. It invites us to create space to be present with our internal world, our emotions, our energies, and our patterns. It is here that we can offer love, healing, and beauty to the spaces within us that are calling out for it. It is here that we can begin to untangle any unconscious patterns relating to self-worth, beauty, love, intimacy, money, body-image, and more. And it is here that we can begin to offer ourselves more love than we could have received beforehand.

As Venus follows the journey of Mars earlier in the week, we can begin to know more empowerment, magnetism, and spaciousness in order to savor the beauty that is us and the beauty that is life.

Your Invitation From the Weekly Astrology

There is an influx of energy this week. There is remembering your power, passion, creativity, magnetism, and life force. There is feeling beauty, healing, wisdom, and movement. And there is receiving insight into your unconscious, especially when you welcome your emotions with love and acceptance.

When the dance includes Aquarius, Pluto, and the North Node, it is always about what is real. These astrological archetypes aren’t concerned with the way things currently are or what is socially accepted. They are about what is real to you. They invite authenticity. They remind you to listen closely to yourself and honor your authenticity. They support desires intertwined with purpose, destiny, and fulfillment. They ask you to perceive your desires as messengers for your unique path and fulfillment in your lifetime.

This week, lean into the directions that whisper your name. Explore the possibilities and ideas that are exciting you. Bring them into your body. Travel with them into the depths of who you are. There is empowerment available this week. There are opportunities calling your name. There is purpose, destiny, desire, and the creation of dreams available only to you.

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