The Best Online Yoga Classes of 2024

The Best Online Yoga Classes of 2024

Online yoga memberships have become increasingly popular. Today, we can access our favorite teachers and find a treasure trove of fantastic online yoga classes available on all of our devices.

You can now enjoy thousands of hours of online fitness content, but that also means it can be extremely overwhelming to figure out which platform serves you best. We all know YouTube is chalk full of endless free content (hooray for free) but if you want to be sure your practicing with someone who is properly trained to be guiding you through potentially dangerous postures and sequences and avoid interruptions from annoying commercials it can be a good idea to practice on an established membership platform.

Good news! We are here to help you find the right online yoga classes membership for your particular type of home practice!

While there are a myriad of ways to practice yoga online, some platforms stand out more than others. Most of these channels offer cancel-anytime free trials to access their class libraries, all of which vary in style and length.

There are a myriad of ways to practice yoga online, and some platforms stand out more than others.

There is also an emerging trend of teacher specific platforms and while these are exceptional in their own right, we’ve chosen to highlight the major online yoga membership platforms with a more diverse array of teachers and offerings.

Check out our picks for the top ten online yoga memberships below. All of these platforms and have amazing online yoga classes, so roll out your mat and let’s go! Try one, try them all, below is a list of the best of the best.

These Are the 10 Best Online Yoga Platforms of 2023


The Top 10 Online Yoga Class Membership Platforms for Your Home Practice:


1. YouAligned Classes

best online yoga membership
YouAligned Classes (formerly offers hundreds of on-demand classes in categories ranging from yoga to fitness, dance to barre and Pilates, guided meditation, breath work, and mindset wellness. Classes can be played on-demand or downloaded to play offline – perfect for travel!

YA Classes curates recommended individual classes and multi-class programs to help you reach specific goals and needs. All classes are led by relatable, passionate, and down-to-earth yoga teachers. YouAligned Classes is female founded, led, and operated!


  • Very affordable – as low as $7/mo for unlimited access to all classes (right now the annual membership is 50% off!)
  • Beautiful videos – among the highest quality content in the industry
  • Every class you take helps plant a food-producing tree!


  • Smaller library of advanced classes than other platforms

Trial Period: 14-Days
Cost: $16/mo or $79/yr (Right now annual membership is 50% off!)



2. Yoga International

Yoga International2
Yoga International features a few internationally recognized yoga teachers which typically offer more of a traditional style approach to the practice. With hundreds of online yoga classes offered daily, there is something for every yogi at Yoga International.


  • Offers specialized trainings and courses in addition to on-demand and live classes
  • Programming beyond asana, including meditation, anatomy, Ayurveda, etc.
  • Research-based periodicals written by yoga industry experts


  • Content library is not as easy to navigate as other platforms

Trial Period: 7-Days
Cost: $20/mo or $200/yr


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3. Glo

Previously known as Yoga Glo, this popular digital platform hosts world-renowned teachers and offers a wide variety of class styles and programming focused on well-being. With an extensive and vast array of live and on-demand fitness and online yoga classes, Glo hosts a plethora of yoga and fitness options to help you glow!


  • Offers five different class categories (yoga, meditation, pilates, fitness and yoga conditioning, etc.)
  • Additional programming included in subscription with a variety of styles and lengths
  • Highly specialized content from experienced and highly skilled yoga professionals


  • More expensive than other platforms

Trial Period: 7-Days
Cost: $24/mo or $245/yr



4. Obé Fitness

Obé Fitness is a trending platform featuring a blend of yoga and fitness from A to Z. Opt for a HIIT workout, a vinyasa yoga practice or a foam rolling class. In addition to enjoying a wide-variety of online fitness, you can also enjoy a bit of retail therapy and snag some branded Obé gear to sport a new look when you workout.


  • Over 7K+ fun and colorful videos with 20 live classes per day
  • Diverse group of instructor talent
  • Ability to search music genre along with your preferred fitness regimen


Trial Period: 7-Days
Cost: $25/mo or $170/yr


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5. Yoga Download

Yoga Download is one of the first online yoga platforms to offer students the ability to stream and/or download their yoga class. With over 1500 online yoga classes to choose from, you can embrace their motto and “Go You’re Om Way”!


  • Offers yoga in Spanish
  • Hosts numerous challenges throughout the year to hold you accountable and to keep your practice going
  • Female founder hosts YDL retreats with YDL teachers and team


  • Lacking diversity within teacher talent pool

Trial Period: 7-Days
Cost: $18/mo or $120/yr (for unlimited)


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5 More Platforms With Amazing Online Yoga Classes:


1. Alo Moves

Alo Moves is known for their celebrity yogis offering advanced asana practices.

Trial Period: 7-Days
Cost: $20/mo or $100/yr

2. Yoga Anytime

Yoga Anytime features thematic yoga shows and classes customizable to your interests.

Trial Period: 15-Days
Cost: $22/mo or $240/yr

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3. Yogaworks At Home

Thumbs up to Yogaworks At Home for their daily live-streams and on-demand only options.

Trial Period: 14-Days
Cost: $19/mo On-Demand or $49/mo for All-Access Live + On-Demand

4. Wanderlust TV

Wanderlust TV offers specialized classes, courses and multi-day online retreats.

Trial Period: 14-Days
Cost: $17.99/1 mo or $49.99/qtr or $169.99/yr

5. Yoga Today

Yoga Today offers yoga practices filmed in national parks and public lands.

Trial Period: 14-Days
Cost: $15/mo or $119/yr

Check Out All of These Incredible Platforms and Enjoy Online Yoga Classes From Home

Since many of these online yoga platforms offer free trials, you can certainly try your hand at each of them! But, just like dating, the novelty wears off quickly.

If you’re looking to get serious about your relationship to your practice, it’s wise to consider what you’re seeking in a practice, try a few of online yoga classes in each platform and then (hopefully) match with your soulmate!

Until then, enjoy your practice!

Which one of these platforms is your go-to for online yoga classes? Or better yet, who did we not mention? Please share with us in the comments below – we love hearing from you!

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