6 Full Moon Journal Prompts

6 Full Moon Journal Prompts

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There is something magnetic about the Moon when she is full. As if she is whispering to us. As if we somehow hold an innate connection with her that is beyond our rational understanding. As if she is helping us become more attuned to ourselves.

The night sky reminds us of the magic that can be found in a slower pace. In a distraction-free, fully present moment. To take a breath, to bring spaciousness once again into our minds, and to befriend silence. And in that stillness, we are better able to be aware of our thoughts and our knowings. The awe we experience at the Moon in her fullness can stop us in our tracks. She can compel us to come home to ourselves when we know how to ask. Exploring full Moon journaling prompts can support this awareness.

The Meaning of the Full Moon in Astrology

In astrology, the Sun relates to our outward expression, whereas the Moon is our internal expression. Our inner dialogue, emotions, and sensitivities. The sides of us that are less shown to the world and kept close to our hearts. The mysteries of Self.

The Moon moves through eight phases in her 27-and-a-half-day lunar cycle. If we are present enough, we can watch as these phases play out in our night skies. We can observe as she sparks from pure emptiness as a new Moon and builds herself into an illuminating full Moon, assuming diverse and divine crescent shapes in between. We witness, with each cycle, that as she reaches her state of absolute fullness, she begins to empty herself once again.

For the Moon, there is no fear of being full, vulnerable, and visible. There is no fear of emptying. There is no hesitation to begin again. There is no grasping onto a past version of Self or a preoccupation with the future. There is only presence. Given the intuitive flow to her movement, she knows it is not her path to be anything or anywhere but her current phase.

How to Use Full Moon Journal Prompts

The Moon can be seen as a mirror. One that reflects your inner world, that reflects the calling of your intuition and the ebb and flow of your emotions.

When she is full, the Moon meets all of herself. All of her is illuminated and on display. There is no part of herself that she can hide from, and no part of herself that she can hide from us.

The invitation of the full Moon is for you, too, to meet all of yourself. The light and the dark. The parts of Self that you are open about and proud of, and the parts that you are still learning to become friends with. The colors you wear brightly and the fears you hide in the dark.

The Moon speaks to your intuition. Something that is not outside of you, but rather like an internal compass guiding your every thought and movement from within. Your heart that speaks to you. Your instincts that caution you. Your knowing that compels you.

Draw on that inner connection that you feel as you look up at the Moon, the sense of oneness you have with her. Use the full Moon to bring to light the corners of ourselves that we have been hiding. She knows that what you keep in the shadows. Becoming more and more aware of these are the most profound catalysts for healing, truth, and alignment with who you are.

The full Moon reminds you that it is only through awareness that you can bring acceptance. Awareness of self. Awareness of all of self. The light and the dark. The celebrated and the hidden. It is only through acceptance that we can allow for the shift that is waiting to take place within us.

Perhaps the psychologist Carl Rogers was speaking to this when he mused, “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I change.” Drawing on full Moon journal prompts can help with this process.

6 Full Moon Journal Prompts

Allow yourself to explore the depths of who you are with the full Moon illuminating your way. You intuitively know the answers.

  • Are there parts of yourself that you hide from the outside world? If so, what are these?
  • Why do you keep them hidden?
  • What fears do you hide in the dark?
  • What would it feel like to befriend these fears and hidden aspects of yourself?
  • If you could view them as a young child, how could you nurture them? What would you say to them?
  • What are some ways in which I can begin to accept all of me?

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This article has been updated. Originally published June 13, 2022.

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